COVID-19 Safety Information

Safety Information

  • Hand sanitizer is available.
  • Please bring a mask to wear – building codes require everyone to wear masks in indoor public spaces.
  • Once inside my office, we will sit a safe distance of greater than 6 feet apart (my office is 12×12, and we will be seated along opposite walls), so masks will not be required.
    • If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, that is perfectly acceptable – I will follow your lead to ensure that you’re comfortable.
  • I have scheduled all my sessions to allow for extended gaps of time between sessions for cleaning all surfaces. My office surfaces are cleaned/disinfected between every session.
  • Please note that my office building bathrooms are closed for client safety, so please plan accordingly.
  • The waiting room has been closed for client safety. When you arrive, please call or send me a text message at 226-270-5997 to let me know you’ve arrived, and I will come meet you at the front door of our building to let you in and show you to my office.